Maggie Sutton PHD

Bsc Econ, R.N., SCM,
Dip HV, Dip. Hyp.



Whether this is your first pregnancy or you felt dissatisfied with a previous birthing experience HypnoBirthing® classes will provide everything you need to know to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable birth.

As a retired midwife and health visitor and qualified clinical hypnotherapist I bring a wealth of experience to the role of HypnoBirthing® practitioner. I am committed to, and feel privileged to use this experience to work with couples during this pivotal period in their lives and to help enable them to achieve the best possible birth, whether at home or in hospital.

Why choose my classes?

I am experienced in all aspects of mother/baby care having worked as a NHS Midwife and Health Visitor.

I am an experienced member of the HypnoBirthing® Institute having trained with Marie Mongan (founder) in USA, 2003.

I am a qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapist.

I have a friendly, professional manner and I feel privileged to influence this important time in a family's life.

I offer ongoing telephone advice and support.

I can also offer Postnatal visit for breast feeding advice if required.

Telephone: 01792 869277

Mobile: 07535 081 030



“The Gold Seal indicates that the practitioner you are considering is currently affiliated with the HypnoBirthing Institute and is trained, certified, and authorized to teach HypnoBirthing®—The Mongan Method.”